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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SACRED STEEL (Ger) - Live Blessings (Live) (2006)

Live Blessings es un disco en vivo de la banda de Power Metal Epica "Sacred Steel". Este disco salio a la venta en Enero del 2006 bajo el sello Masacre Records.

Banda: Sacred Steel
Disco: Live Blessings (Live)
Año: 2006
Pais: Alemania
Genero: Epic Power Metal

01. Blessed By The Gods (Intro)
02. Open Wide The Gate
03. Tonight The Witches Ride
04. Battle Angel
05. Faces Of The Antichrist
06. Victory Of Black Steel
07. Carnage Rules The Fields Of Death
08. The Rites Of Sacrifice
09. Dark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone Gate
10. Sword Of The King
11. Stormhammer
12. Metal Is War
13. Master Of Thy Fate
14. True Force Of Iron Glory
15. Sacred Bloody Steel
16. We Die Fightinhg
17. Blood On My Steel
18. Heavy Metal To The End
19. Slaughter Prophecy
20. Battle Cry
21. Wargods Of Metal

Link 01: Sacred Steel .-[Live Blessings] Part I
Link 02: Sacred Steel .-[Live Blessings] Part II
Pass: No Pass

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hermaidentaker said...

muchas gracias!!!! q gran banda!! altamente recomendada!!