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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MANOWAR (USA) - The Day The Earth Shook - The Absolute Power (DVD Rip) (2006)

The Absolute Power es un disco DVD de la banda Heavy Power Metal procedente de Estados Unidos "Manowar". Este disco salio a la venta el 24 de Noviembre del 2006 bajo el sello Magic Circle Music/SPV.

Banda: Manowar
Disco: The Day The Earth Shook - The Absolute Power (DVD Rip)
Año: 2006
Pais: Estados Unidos
Genero: Heavy Power Metal

01. The Ascension
02. Manowar
03. Brothers of Metal
04. Call to Arms
05. Sun of Death
06. Kings of Metal
07. Sign of the Hammer
08. Screams of Blood
09. Blood of My Enemies
10. Kill with Power
11. Triumph of Steel Era Introduction
12. Metal Warriors
13. The Glory of Achilles
14. Battlehymns Era Introduction
15. Metal Daze
16. Dark Avenger
17. Outlaw
18. House of Death
19. Herz Aus Stahl
20. Wagner Tribute
21. Prelude to Act III from Lohengrin
22. King of Kings
23. Hell on Wheels
24. Warriors of the World United
25. Hail and Kill
26. Black Wind Fire and Steel
27. Battle Hymn
28. The Crown and the Ring

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